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This is the only case being 'friendzoned' is a good thing.

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Matt Klyne - Beyond the Sun

Beyond the Sun

The brand new single is now available on SpotifyItunes & Soundcloud

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Spotify & ITunes

The debut EP "Lost Fable" is now available on Spotify ans iTunes

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The next generation of song; a beautifully entwined blend of orchestral grace, pop-song structures and a full chorus drumline. With intent to inspire and open for interpretation, the bold and epic sounds will paint a vivid picture of hope in listeners’ minds.


All projects are created in partner with Paul Valentiner; an innovative designer and producer of audio visuals. The belief that music, art and design walk hand-in-hand is the revelation driving the publication of Lost Fable, the first EP.

  • Lost Fable
  • It’s your adventure; Lost Fable will take you on a journey to a world only few dare to dream. With five powerfully weaved songs, the majestic Elephant Kingdom will spring to life revealing an aura of hope in epic proportions, and escorting the listener into an entirely new existence.

  • Chassée
  • Chassee is a modern interpretation of Little Red Riding Hood. Directed by Paul Valentiner and music written by Matt Klyne, the video brings new life to the chase between the beast and the red beauty. An air of elegance and sophistication drifts through the snowfall as the conclusion is suspended, who is the real beast?


The Lost Fable EP is currently very limited but if you are interested please fill in the inquiry form and we'll come back to you with our quotation as soon as possible.

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